Thursday, March 15, 2007

Eschew Chocolate

Earlier this week we had some friends come up and visit from Amarillo. They both went to high school with TC (and with ^starshine and her hubby). Their boys (6 years and 4 years old) are on Spring Break this week so they decided to come up and see us...mostly because we have a rockin' cool zoo here.

We had a great time! They came up on Sunday evening and stayed through Tuesday evening. Made my internal calendar all messed up because people usually visit over a weekend, but that's ok.

X-man loved playing with the boys. When he wasn't crawling as fast as his little booty would take him, he was sitting on the floor just watching them run around. And he loved their cars. They played so well together and when one of the boys would take a toy away from X-man, he just shrugged it off and played with another toy. The boys' mom did tell then that it wasn't nice to take toys from someone smaller and they happily handed the toy back over, but I was just glad that X-man didn't have a meltdown when it happened!

We went to the zoo on Monday and we had a great time (although I would have loved for TC to have gone, too...he had to work). The weather was beautiful and a new exhibit had just opened that had animals that were indigenous to our state. Really cool! I think the boys liked the bats the best! Of course, we all liked Mr. Gorilla.

On Sunday evening as the boys were winding down getting ready for bed, we watched a Veggie Tales video...Larry Boy and the Bad Apple. It was really cute and I even laughed at some of it. We haven't quite gotten into children's programming here because X-man doesn't really watch TV. I have it on during the day for noise, but he doesn't just sit and watch. Anyway, in this video, the Bad Apple was Temptation (appropriate, right?) and I just about fell out of my chair when Larry Boy's butler (an asparagus...I can't remember his name...Andrew maybe?) told Larry Boy that in order to be a good, strong super hero, he had to "eschew chocolate." I guess that it was just such a big word that it struck me as funny. And then at the end there was a rock band made up of 3 ears of corn (yes, I got the reference). The band's name was Shux. At least they try to make some of these videos somewhat interesting for adults.

Monday night we watched Larry Boy and the Rumor Weed, which wasn't quite as funny as there was no eschewing of anything (I guess, though, that the moral was to eschew spreading rumors) but it was a cute story.

We really enjoyed the visit and hope that we can get to Amarillo sometime (and maybe meet up with ^starshine and her family) for another get-together!

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^starshine said...

How fun is that!! Love the gorilla pic...reminds me of Steven when he gets grumpy!! LOL!!

I was just thinking of you guys and our little Amarillo excursion a few years ago. :)

I've been in a Zoo mood lately so I am definitely jealous you guys went this week. I was even planning on running down to the Abilene Zoo!