Wednesday, May 23, 2007

15 month check up

Hallelujah! No ear infections!

Height: 30.5 inches
Weight: 23 lbs. 8 oz.

So, he's still in the 25% for height, but his weight in relation to his height is just above the little bugger has finally put on a little extra weight.

Everything else was good. The pediatrician did say that it looks like there are two more teeth coming in (in addition to the two that have broken the surface) so that is probably the reason for X-man's massive fits the last few days.

After the doctor's appointment we went and spent 30 minutes at the park. He really enjoys being outside and I do, too! There was another little boy out there that was smaller than X-man. Not only was he skinnier, but he was half a head shorter than X-man. But, he was doing some things that X-man can't do yet. I asked the daddy how old the little boy was and he's 18 months old! What a little guy!

X-man's still's been two hours. He's been napping a little longer at a time, and only once per day. Yesterday he napped for almost 4 hours! I must have worn him out at the park! So, as those of you with kids know, we've adjusted our schedule a little bit for just one nap and he's been great! And I'm doing pretty well with only one break in the's a pretty big break and I can get alot of work done.

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Scribbit said...

Isn't that funny how they can suddenly put on some pounds? I watch the kids go through these growth spurts where their joints hurt and they're eating like horses and sleeping forever and then they'll slow up and everything will be quiet for a few months.