Wednesday, May 16, 2007

15 months

X-man spent his 15 month-day with Gramma and Grandaddy (it was on Friday). I swear that he learned 10 months of stuff just in the 10 days he was with them!

We knew he could say "mama" and "dada" but now he says:
mmmmm (he does that after almost every bite of food! Does that count as a word?)

And he will try to imitate words if you say them to him. I've heard:
something that sounds like his own name!

I'm guessing that he really does say alot more words. He sure does babble alot. And the general public probably wouldn't recognize "ball" but I know that's what he's saying.

His bottom right tooth is moving on up. It's still just bearly broken the surface, but you can see it. And now he's got a tooth happening on his upper right gum. That's gonna be a cute grin when they're both in! One on top and one on bottom!

He went from walking pretty well when we left to running now. Man, can he move! It's still a little like Frankenstein's Monster, but he's really steady on those chubby legs.

Yesterday we decided that we would ditch the pacifier. He didn't use it on Monday night, but on Tuesday for his nap, my resolve just wasn't there. Five minutes of crying and wriggling and he wouldn't get still for a nap, I plopped that pacifier in and he was asleep in 30 seconds. So, my resolve is heightened (although I haven't gone so far as to throw the pacifiers away...I'll probably do that tonight). I just put X-man in his crib...awake...for his nap. He's talking to his teddy right now and it doesn't sound like he's going to sleep any time soon. Oh, well. This is just going to be a change and we'll all have to get through it. I'm sure that he'll eventually figure out the nap-without-pacifier thing soon, right? I just don't want him to be 3 years old walking around with a pacifier only to pull it out of his mouth when he talks!

His 15 month appointment is next week and I'll have quite a few updated for the pediatrician since his appointment at 12 months: no more bottle, two teeth, walking, a few words that I can recognize and, hopefully, no pacifier!

So, onward and upward to the 16 month day!

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Jessica said...

So cute that X-man is able to talk more now!! :) Good luck with the "no-pacifier" training!! That has to be hard. I am already trying to wean Eli a bit from his pacifier...I don't think it will be too hard with him though as he sometimes isn't a big fan of it. My nephew is 17 months and is addicted to his pacifier...he barely talks since it's always in his mouth. It's bad!! We keep telling my sister to try to get rid of it...but doesn't do any good.