Friday, May 18, 2007

Pacifier Update

Project: No More Pacifier is going great! The one major meltdown was on Wednesday afternoon and it was totally my fault. X-man actually saw the pacifier (it was hidden but some playing before the nap had unearthed it) and just threw a massive screaming-meemie fit.

Now they're in a drawer (I need to throw them away!) and he hasn't had any problems without the pacifiers. I do put him down for his nap awake now, and he fusses for a little bit, but other than that, he's great! So, I think his only vice now is french fries!

I kinda miss him falling asleep in my lap. He's just so precious when he's asleep!

*And on a side note, we went to a new park (new to us) this morning by the lake near our house. He had a great time and was almost asleep when we got home. He's been napping for 2 hours now...and he hasn't had lunch yet! Boy, will he be hungry when he wakes up!

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Jessica said...

So glad to hear the "no-pacifier" mission is going good!!! :) Keep it up!