Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Another Question

How long has Mr. Bubble bubble bath smelled like Amoxicillin? Gag!

I decided to get some for X-man. My sis and I didn't take many bubble baths when I was little because my dad always said that it wasn't good for girlie parts. Well, actually that's not what he said...he gave us the full explaination as to why it wasn't good for us. That's what happens when both of your parents are pharmacists. You get the lowdown on everything medical.

Anyway, I poured some Mr. Bubble in X-man's bath and nearly gagged on the smell! And I guess it really smelled like bubble gum, but with all the amoxicillin X-man had to take with ear infections, that's the first thing my nose went to.

He loved it! I've got several pictures of him with a bubble goatee. He would take one of his tub toys and dip it in the bubbles...then proceed to eat the bubbles.

And he did this several times. So either he's a slow learner or he really didn't mind eating soap.


Oh, and thank you for your thoughts on the ketchup. I think that was the only thing I got X-man to eat on Monday for lunch so I was hoping I could put it in the "it's ok, it's healthy" category.

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Scribbit said...

I'm just impressed you can SPELL amoxicilllian or whatever it's called.