Sunday, June 17, 2007

Happy Father's Day

I just love watching my husband be a daddy! When we were dating, he wasn't the type for PDA. I remember one day at IHOP (I think we were with ASH and KK) I wanted some sugar in my coffee. Instead of handing me the sugar, TC stuck his finger in my coffee and said, "There...that should do it!" I was floored that he would do something like that in front of our friends! And he even liked to make "gaggy faces" with our friend PitterPatter when I would say something overly sweet...which I think was often.

Now, he will just tickle X-man and kiss him all over. And I can tell he loves it when X-man has kisses for him. They both are genuinely excited to see each other with TC comes home from work. TC is very gentle and kind and in love with our son.

Which makes me love him that much more.

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