Wednesday, June 06, 2007

How to teach proper nap mat etiquette?

I have no idea!

Today was X-man's first day of summer children's day out and he was in the one year old room. In the Bees (cute, huh?), they don't have cribs. The kids nap on little mats. Not those horrible hard molded plastic ones like sis and I used when we went to Kindercare. We have to purchase one for our child. I ended up getting a cute space-themed one from Lillian Vernon. We'll see how well it holds up. At least I could use Ebates!

Anyway, I was wondering how X-man would do with a nap on the floor today. He didn't...

They said they put him down and he talked for a bit and then wanted to get up and play. So the girls put him in the pack and play and off to dreamland he went. They'll try again next week!

Crazy kid!

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Amanda said...

That seems a little crazy to expect a kid that age to stay on a mat to sleep. That's one of the reasons they sleep in a crib at night!