Monday, June 18, 2007

I hate dry heaving...

I'm at 6 weeks now. And Jelly Bean has grown from being the size of a sesame seed to the size of a lentil bean. And if I recall correctly, the fetus/embryo continues to be compared to other fruits and veggies. It's a veritable salad in there!

Aside from morning sickness (which I DO NOT enjoy) other symptoms are being cold all the time (I remember that from last time...I never did get the hot flashes everyone else enjoyed) and the fact that I can cry at anything. Last week TC sent me a link to a youtube video from Great Brittan showing a cell phone dealer singing opera on Brittan's Got Talent. He was wonderful! And I cried through his entire singing of "Nessun dorma." It appears that he did win the show! Yea! Makes me wanna cry just thinking about it!

Wanna watch it?

Oh, and I cried yesterday at church when the All-Mens Chorus (put together specially for Father's Day) sang the anthem. It was really beautiful!

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