Friday, June 29, 2007

Vegas, Baby!

No, not me. My parents and sister.

My parents just called me from their airport and it looks like their flight will get out ok inspite of rain issues. When it gets to Dallas, though, that may be another story.

Anyway, my dad said that they would be going to the outlet mall and would probably go to the Coach outlet. I love Coach purses (and for two different anniversaries, that's what TC got me!). My dad asked me if there was anything in particular I wanted because they'd pick it up for me. Since I haven't been keeping up with the Coach line (could it be because I'm stuck with the "mommy purse" for a while?) I didn't really have any idea what to tell him. So I came up with this fabu idea...

I said, "Whatever Sis wants, I'd like one, too, in green or purple."

Dad laughed at me.

Sis has a great sense of style and is always dressed so cute and has the snazziest accessories. So it would make sense that if something caught her eye, I'd like it too, please.

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