Monday, July 02, 2007

Gotta Love Free!

I love free stuff (who doesn't?) and every little bit helps, right?

I use Ebates for my online shopping. It's just a shopping portal that takes you to your different online retailers where you shop as you would normally. After you make the purchase (and after the required amount of time depending on the merchant), you get your rebate at Ebates. Since I joined back at the beginning of 2005, I've gotten over $300 back. And I just ordered three photo books (full of Alaska pictures) from shutterfly and they're on ebates, so I'll be getting 8% back on that little deal! My last ebates check from was around $40 (2% here and 3% there can add up!! (There's a link to ebates on my sidebar...and just so you know, if you click on that link and sign up, we'll both get $5 after you've made a qualifying purchase).

On Saturday I got a $10 check in the mail from I love surveys and this website sends me quick surveys every so often. I finally had enough points to redeem for cash!

And then on Sunday, I requested a $10 Target card from They have the same kind of shopping portal as Ebates, but that's not what I use. They send out emails and you get points for reading them (and even more points for signing up for whatever is in the email...but rarely do I need new car insurance or to sign up for the sleep clinic). Anyway, I finally read enough "junk mail" to get me a Target card, which I'm certain will go toward another box of diapers.

All of these places take referrals (which usually get points deposited into the referrer and the referree) so if you're interested, drop me an email! My email for these accounts isn't the blog email so you'll need to contact me if you want me to refer you!


Jessica said...

OH cool! I will have to check out Ebates for sure! I love getting free $$!! :) I have been on for years now and have MANY points accumulated...but still haven't redeemed them yet. I figure I will just keep adding them up and up! :) FUN!

Amanda said...

i just joined ebates! i wasn't sure which email to put, so i used the one for this blog...i hope that got you credit! thanks for the info!

Scribbit said...

I've heard of ebates but didn't know what they did, thanks for the info.