Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Early Ultrasound

I got an ultrasound today...but only because I've had a long few days.

Starting Sunday evening I had some cramping and then on Monday morning, while still cramping, I had some spotting. That unnerved me a little a lot but what really bothered me was that I continued to have cramps. Nothing super painful, but enough to bother me. I woke up last night with some cramps and I still had them this morning.

I called my OB and left a message for the nurse. Carol called me back and after I explained the situation, she said, "Well, we can either wait and see if it happens again and then schedule you for an ultrasound, or we can go ahead and see if we can get you in today." I told her that I would obviously be more settled if I could find out something earlier rather than later, but would defer to her better judgement. (and what pregnant woman is going to give up the option of a quick peek at the little one?)

I was scheduled for an ultrasound at 11:30.

TC left work (where he went ahead and told his boss what was going on...and since his boss can't keep a secret, the word is probably out at his office) and came home so all three of us could go to the radiology lab.

We got there and I had to ask if the "wand" ultrasound required a full bladder. Thank the good Lord above that it didn't because I was about to burst! After doing my business, I got all settled on the table and the sonographer did his work with the wand.

The first thing he said was, "There's the baby. The baby's fine!" Whew!

It was a wiggly thing and I could make out the face and little arms waving around and little feet kicking! Again, I am just in awe that there's a person inside of me!

The heartbeat was 158 and the baby was measuring at 11w3d with a due date of Feb. 9th. That's much closer to my estimate (11w1d due Feb. 11) than the OB's (10w due Feb 19). Neener, neener!

The sonographer said that his guess for the reason for the bleeding is because my placenta is covering my cervix. In late pregnancy, this is not good news. However, he indicated that it would probably move in all the growing but they would be sure to check it in my 20w ultrasound.

So for now, I'm going to do my best to take it easy (as easy as I can take it with a toddler in tow!) and keep drinking lots of water. Thank goodness for Crystal Light Lemonade that makes it somewhat bearable to drink all that water.

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