Thursday, August 30, 2007

Clunk, clunk, clunk

That's the sound my dryer's making right now.

Maybe I should back up a little bit so no one worries that my dryer's about to explode.

X-man has a teddy bear that we call Teddy (I know...real creative).

He sleeps with this cute little bear and has taken to carrying it around with him everywhere (and by everywhere, I mean in the house...Teddy does not get the luxury of leaving the house...that was the rule when I was growing up so it has carried over). Teddy was starting to look a little a lot dirty so when X-man went to take a nap today and I noticed Teddy still in the living room, I got to work.

I found a white pillowcase and tied Teddy up in that. He took a nice spin in the washing machine and he's currently in the dryer in a lingerie bag while one of my cleaner shoes is tied up in the pillowcase. Clunk, clunk, clunk.

I think it's going to work well. Teddy already looked better when I took him out of the washer.

Though it was a bit disconcerting to see teddy tied up in the pillowcase since the pillowcase was a little see-through after getting wet!


SarahB said...

Maddie's beloved bunny had it's first bath yesterday, for a much more unpleasant reason though. She's barred from 2-piece pajamas until she stops taking her diaper off. :)

Morag said...

Hey! I missed all the excitement? Mazel tov on your pregnancy! yay yay yay!

I'm going to crawl back under that rock I've apparently been under.

Scribbit said...

My daughter had a bear similar to that that I kept finding floating in the toilet. Swimming lessons I suppose.