Thursday, August 30, 2007

It wasn't funny, but I almost fell over laughing anyway...

Yesterday after TC came home, he said he was going to go change into shorts (isn't it interesting how when he comes home, he thinks the house is super-hot and I'm freezing my toesies off?).

I said, "X-man, wanna go help daddy change clothes?" So of course, X-man takes off for our bedroom. But when we get there, daddy's not in there! X-man looks at me a little concerned and I said, "Maybe he's hiding in my closet."

So, X-man toddles over to my closet but before he gets there, daddy comes around the corner of our bed and says, "Boo!" And he didn't say it in a big scary way either.

It startled me, but you should have seen X-man. His hands went up in the air and he hollered...I mean really screamed! I didn't see his face, but TC said he really did have a scared look on his face.

That made daddy feel really bad, but X-man fixed it by running straight for daddy and giving him a great big hug through those great big cries.

Daddy felt horrible...and I was in the hallway doubled over with laughter...and I think I snorted a few times. I'm giggling right now just thinking about it!

Guess the kid only likes to be "Boo'd" when he knows where we are...

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