Monday, August 27, 2007

Date Night!

Saturday night, TC and I went on a date. As in hired-a-babysitter-went-to-dinner-and-then-a-movie date! We had a great time and even were able to have some conversation that didn't involve X-man or the little one wiggling around (I'm assuming s/he is wiggling...can't really feel anything yet) in my belly.

TC took me to Texas Roadhouse for dinner. Yum! Steak! However, due to my delicate condition, I had to order my filet medium-well and butterflied! I really prefer it medium (or even a little less's just so much easier to chew and so much more juicy when someone hasn't cooked the heckola out of it!). And you know what? It was pretty tasty. But what made it even tastier was taking my little bites of steak and running them through the cream gravy on TC's chicken-fried sirloin. That was just almost heaven right there!

After dinner we headed to the movie theater (where TC had a coupon for one free ticket! Woohoo!) and we got tickets to Bourne Ultimatum. While we waited for our theatre to open (we got there a tad early) we watched all the kids go into Superbad. I didn't realize that it was an R movie so they were checking IDs at the ticket counter and checking tickets at the door to the theatre. And wasn't it handy that our theater (showing Mr. Matt Damon) had an upstairs access to the theatre where they were showing Superbad? There were kids (and I'm old now, so I think pretty much everyone under 20 is a kid) that ran up the stairs about the time our movie started and they finally came back about 5 minutes before the end of the show.

I wouldn't have even noticed it except TC pointed out that he figured they were sneaking into the "other" movie.

Oh, and TC is going to see Superbad with his work friends after work today. I hope he enjoys it.

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