Monday, August 27, 2007

New Word!

So, X-man has exhibited a new word today. But he hasn't said it without prompting...

He says "boo" which in our language means "blue" and he says it out of the left corner of his mouth. Too cute!

Let's add that to his vocab list:

day doo - Thank You
daaaaaa da - Love You (or Love Mama/Love DaDa it all sounds the same)
duh - Done
ba - Ball
ma ma/da da - we know that one!
pa pa - Paw-Paw (that's my dad)
die die - Bye-Bye
moo - what a cow says
baa - what a sheep says
boo - Blue

He also says Yes, Sir and Yes, Ma'am, but I couldn't tell you what sounds he makes for that. It really just sounds like "da da" but lots of his "words" sound like variations of "da da."

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