Friday, August 03, 2007

My child's into Techno

Anyone who knows me knows that I like all kinds of music. My favorite piece is Pictures at an Exhibition by Modest Musorgsky (yes, it's classical). But my all-time favorite artist is Garth Brooks. Pretty much all of his songs (except for his newer ones) have some kind of meaning to me. Friends in Low Places always reminds me of a guy I liked in high school (and Mrs. Pitter Patter, it wasn't DWS...I'll tell you who it was if you're really curious). That song was playing at our band party and he was singing it to me and I remember being all gushy...but not too gushy because I'm a goody two shoes and my parents were somewhere just around the corner (they were really fun band parents). The River, while not totally ruined for me, always makes me think of this guy (Pitter Patter and Eyeball, I can't remember...was it Clay?) that said, "If you think about it, this song is really about a penis." I was in college and we were at the Longhorn bar and I think that was the only night of my life that I actually enjoyed a beer (I really can't stand the stuff) was a very, very, very cold Red Dog on tap.

Ok, back to my son.

So, his vocabulary isn't getting much bigger and lots of what he says sounds like a variation of "da da" or "da dee." Which is really cute, by the way.

I'm always trying to come up with fun little songs to sing to him because he loves to just lay on my chest with his head on my shoulder while I sing to him. The other day I started singing the "Da Da Da" song. Those are the only words I remembered though. Remember that song from the Volkswagon commercial? TC was way impressed that I remembered the song, the car company and the premise of the commercial (though I never picked up that the two guys might be gay!).

I decided that I was going to buy the song on iTunes for X-man. I ended up buying a whole CD (Candy Classics Sing Along) that has some great 60s and 70s songs (Hooked on a Feeling (Oooga Chaka Song); Sugar, Sugar; I Think I Love You; Do Wah Diddy Diddy; etc.) and the "Da Da Da" song.

After I got it all downloaded, I played the song on the computer (and I had the visualizer on for added interest) and X-man grinned from ear to ear as soon as the song started. It was all techno sounding and when they started saying "da da da" he would say it right after. It was hilarious! And the rest of the CD was just as enjoyable. There was one song that was sung by some little kids and it was kinda annoying until I noticed that X-man was dancing to it! What a ham!

So, now I've got a great CD to play in the car that I can sing along to and X-man loves just as well! Maybe he'll have a wide variety of musical interests like me!


Scribbit said...

That is a great piece--those Russian moderns were something.

Amanda said...

how fun! it's so cute watching them when they like a song.

Kristin, Rod, and Victoria said...

What a fun CD! I might just have to buy that myself for V! Currently we resort to singing the alphabet song at the top of our lungs to distract her from screaming in the car!!!

I'm sure once he starts talking it'll take over quickly!

PitterPatter said...

OK, yeah, I gotta know who the mystery band fellow was. I must say though, any high school memory not containing DWS is a good one!!

You also forgot about "TheRiver" being our pledge song. Wow, were we corny or what???