Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Sharing the Love

Kristin sweetly gave me this award so I'm going to share the love with others that have touched me!

First, is PitterPatter. She and I have been through our ups and downs (what best friends haven't!) and I'm happy to say that we've been in up-mode for quite a long time now. She lives in another state and I don't talk to her nearly as much as I ought to, but I think about her every day (like today when I drew a little treble clef on X-man's drawing board).

Next, to ^starshine at If I can ever get out of my pajamas. She is the wife of TC's bestest friend. And she and TC are friends, too. Anyway, she is a friend I "inherited" when TC and I got married and I am so happy for that! She's crafty like me (though she is much more talented than I...that girl can draw like no one's business!) and understands a girl's need for little crafty things (like ribbon!). She's the kind of girl that I would definitely be friends with had I met her on my own!

Then to Kimberly who has moved to China (from the US) on a faith mission (I think I got that right). It is so interesting to read about getting used to the culture, language and people in a whole new country. She would definitely tell you not to eat the pea-flavored Cheetos! I'm just so inspired by her and her family's decision to move across the globe.


on hot (soon to freeze) 'sista said...

What??!?!! No love for the 'sis?!?!! I see how it is....too low on the totum pole for blog accolades.....Hrumph. Fine. Be that way. I'll take my toys to another sandbox...but I'll call you later to chat about the day, k?!?! :)

^starshine said...

Awe!! I'm just now seeing this!!

You are just too sweet!! You know how much I think you and TC are the bee's knees and how much I love you guys!! Steven and I are both truly blessed to have such wonderful friends in our lives.

PitterPatter said...

Thanks honey! Sorry I'm so behind on my blog reading but you know about the craziness in my world right now. I really wish we could see each other more often. Talking on the phone just isn't the same. I love you bunches!