Tuesday, September 04, 2007

I confused the poor kid!

While X-man napped this afternoon, I made homemade play-doh! Yep, I'm pretty impressed with myself, too!

At first, it was kinda stinky like X-man's feet. Then it started to smell like the homemade play-doh I remembered from church.

The big plan was to go out on the newly rediscovered back porch and play on a plastic table cloth with the fresh play-doh (I even shaped it into roughly the same tube shape as real Play-Doh when you first open it!).

But, alas, when X-man woke up, it was pouring rain outside.

The next best place (I thought) was his high chair. Now, what do we usually do in his high chair? We EAT!

He kept trying to eat the play-doh and I don't know about you, but I've actually tried the stuff (a long time ago! not today!) and it is icky. I told X-man that it wasn't to eat and he just looked confused. Towards the end of our play he'd hold it up to his mouth and shake his head. Cute!

Oh, and he has a new word...Hot...except it comes out like ahk. Yesterday while we were grilling dinner, he'd point to the grill and say, "Ahk! Ahk!"

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