Monday, September 03, 2007


Yes, X-man's lazy parents finally got his sandbox put together. We bought it on May 26th...

It's really cute and it comes with a fun canopy. There isn't any sand in it yet...and if we don't go get sand some evening this week, we'll go over the weekend while my parents are here. They'll love playing with X-man in the sandbox!

And I've started to see my backyard in a new light. I don't really go back there much (I can probably count on one hand the number of times I've been out there) mostly because I don't like being outside in the heat. We really should get a nice table and chairs and I'd sit out there when it wasn't so hot (like in the fall...I love the fall!).

But I noticed that a good portion of the yard stays in the shade due to the placement of our house and a giant tree. It will be a really nice place for X-man to play and there's even some room for a swing set or something!

I have a feeling we might be out there more often.

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Amanda said...

You sound like us! Justin's parents got Eli a sand table as well as a water table. I think we got them put together in a reasonable amount of time, but it took us awhile to get any sand in his table, so he had to play with the water table for awhile. I'm not a big outdoors person either, but I'm hoping I evolve into one for Eli's sake as he gets older!