Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Dr Visit and X-man Sillies

I had an OB check up again yesterday...25 weeks.

I gained another 4 pounds this month so that puts me at 12 pounds total. I'm thinkin' that's pretty good! The baby's heartrate was great (she even kicked the doppler a few times!), my belly is measuring right on track and my blood pressure is excellent.

We did have to go to the lab for me to give blood. They have to check my iron levels and check for signs of gestational diabetes. I'm sure those will all be fine.

I did notice that my ankles were oddly absent last night, though. I guess I need to watch the swelling!


At dinner last night, TC mentioned how much his back hurt. So, after he got through bathing X-man and X-man was just playing in the tub (he loves taking a bath without the bathseat!) I walked behind TC and started rubbing his shoulders. Well, he closed his eyes and got one of those nice, big back-rub grins on his face. X-man was just watching him - spellbound! X-man had a sweet little grin on his face as if he was thinking, "Daddy likes that!"

So when TC pulled X-man out of the tub and we were drying off, X kept pulling on daddy's shoulders. We thought he was trying to get a hug or trying to pull himself up so he could get away from the towel (that goober!) but we finally figured out what he was doing...he was trying to rub daddy's shoulders like mommy had done earlier!

We laughed about that the rest of the night!

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Amanda said...

What a cute story!