Monday, October 29, 2007

A few X-man updates

X-man is getting so big! He's been sitting in a booster chair for about a week now and he's doing great! Of course, the first meal I had him eat in the booster chair was spaghetti.

Anyone want to guess the color of our kitchen chairs where X-man was so cutely perched?

Yep. White! Nothing a little Resolve couldn't fix. And there's still a water stain on that particular chair from where the roof leaked on it.

Anyway, I took a cheapo plastic tablecloth that I had for something else and folded it up under the booster seat so the chair is now protected.

He's doing great with using a fork and a spoon now. Sometimes he uses his left hand to eat and that just results in lots of food spilled in his lap. I guess he's trying to be ambidextrous.

He's also got a few new words. He just started saying uh-oh last week. It sounds more like ah-ah, but that's certainly what it is. You'd think he'd have started saying that sooner! And he can say howdy (sounds like ah-dee) when prompted. This is really cute!

Oh, and for all you Texas Tech fans, X-man knows just how to "get his guns up." He raises his arms up in the air and tries to point his first finger and get his thumb out. Who knew making your thumb do that would be so complicated?

Yes, this makes Paw-Paw (my dad...the UT grad) cringe a little, but it's mainly daddy that teaches X-man these things of football. I forget to holler "Hook 'Em" when we watch UT play. And TC isn't such a big UT fan (because he grew up in Tech territory) so I may have to take a bigger lead in the hook 'em horns. Of course, TC isn't really sure about me teaching X-man anything about football since I call that guy that huts the ball to the quarterback the hutter! (I think he's the center?) least the kid's not yelling GO OU! yet. I'm sure he'll get there soon enough on his own...probably not going to get a whole lot of prompting from momma or daddy on that one! (Not that I have anything against OU...we root for them when they're not playing one of our Texas teams. It's just that growing up in Texas - in my house - rooting for OU was not something we did.)

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