Saturday, October 13, 2007

New Office!

Back in 2000 when we were looking at houses, we knew we wanted a 4 bedroom house: one for us, one for guests and two for kids. When we moved in, we obviously used the master bedroom, we made one into a guest room, one into the storage room (because we don't have an attic due to vaulted ceilings and we don't have a basement) and then the last room became the office...which I slowly took over to become my craft room.

When we got pregnant with X-man, the storage room was cleaned out and that became the nursery. Now that we're expecting the second one, we needed to move the office/craft room out. But where to put the stuff that came out of that room?

We have a large space that's next to our dining room and up to this point it had been the music room...simply because that's where we kept the piano! But it was really cluttered. There was a couch that came from my parents' house (it's at least 15 years old), multiple boxes of financials and stuff from my part-time job and other junk.

Anyway, I decided that I wanted to have California Closets come out and see what they could do with this big space. Yes, they do more than just closets. So, the consultant came over and we talked about what kind of stuff we had that would need to go into the space and what we wanted. She made some drawings (which I shared with my uber-talented friend ^starshine) and we made some changes and we set a date for their carpenters to come out and install. That meant I needed to get busy on clearing out the room!

After the big clean up here's what it looked like:

The piano is not in its final resting spot since I was trying to get it out of the way of where cabinets and counters would be going.

Here's the corner where my big 'ole craft desk will go.

And another view of the corner.

The carpenters came out on Wednesday and Thursday of this week and now here's what we've got:

The corner, now ready for a big stamping fest!

TC's computer table. When you're looking at the corner, this is essentially behind you.

A nice, new bookshelf!

I've since gotten quite a few things moved into my area and you can see that TC got the computer set up right away! The cabinets are great and I'll be able to put up all my crafty stuff and there's even a cabinet that we can use for piano books and music!

And X-man loves the new room. I think it has something to do with the fact that we took the gate down into that area and now he can go in there whenever he likes! And yes, I put the scissors and xacto knife up on a shelf instead of in a drawer so he can't get to them!

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