Saturday, October 13, 2007

Bargains on top of the Bargains

Ever since seeing something in Real Simple magazine, I've been on this kick to decorate X-man's room with framed board games and playing pieces and stuff. Well, first off, I don't really want to go buy brand new games and use those...and I want games that look like they did when I played them (Have you seen the new Candy Land? The characters are a little creepy looking to me!). This is going to require finding some used games. I'm not a big fan of trolling garage sales and I didn't think that antique stores would have any (of course, they have everything, so I might have been able to find some if I looked long enough). I also don't know how to get to the local Goodwill, but that was an option I was considering.

After a quick trip to Target today, I asked TC if we could go to Tuesday Mornings and see what they had. I know they don't have used stuff, but I was thinking they might have something fun and inexpensive. Well, we got there and at 5 minutes to opening time, the doors were still locked. So, we toodled on into the thrift store right next door not knowing what we'd find, if anything. Along the back wall were kids toys and you would have thought we hit the jackpot! Here's what we ended up with:

You've got your Monopoly game, a Parchesi board (I have never played this game, but the box looked like it would have a neat-o board!), a Smurf puzzle (I know, not a game, but neat anyway!) and a Trivial Pursuit game. The puzzle and parchesi game were $.79, the Monopoly game was $2.98 and the Trivial Pursuit was $1.99. Rounding up, I figured on $7 for the whole lot...and I forgot to go back and pick up the checker board they had.

So we go up to pay and the girl rings everything up and says, "That'll be $3.22."

The manager guy behind her said, "Did you give them the 50% off discount?"

Girl: "They all rang up as 50% off."

Manager: "Yes, all items with these colored tags (waving to a sign hanging from the ceiling) get discounts, but everything in the whole store is 50% off in addition to other discounts today. Didn't you see the big sign outside the store?"

Long story made longer, the whole entire total for these 4 boxes came to $1.96 and that was with tax!

We came home and I had to open them immediately. That's when I found a bonus checker board in the Parchesi game! Score!

Oh, and TC and I are still lauging at the Smurf puzzle. Here's a close up:

Notice the nice banner on the bottom right? It's made by a German manufacturer and their initials are A.S.S. Obviously I have the mind of a 12 year old because this cracked me up for quite a while today!

Now I have to wait for Hobby Lobby to have a sale on their framing supplies and I can get some frames for these goodies. My sis had a great idea for making a 3D picture with the Parchesi pieces and little cup. And I'm getting some ideas on collages with Monopoly money and cards!

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