Friday, November 30, 2007

Save a little bit this Christmas

I read about this over at Baby Cheapskate:

Amazon has a 30-day price drop guarantee. If you purchase something and the price drops within the 30-day time period, they will refund you the difference...though you have to ask for it. The link that you get from Baby Cheapskate takes you through the process of how to ask for the refund.

But there is an easier way. Go to RefundPlease and enter the item number, price you paid, date you purchased and your email. Their system, which only works with Amazon currently, will watch the price every day and send you an email if the price drops. In the email it'll give you instructions on how to request your refund.

I placed an Amazon order on Oct. 29th and yesterday when I read about this, I immediately looked up my items. One of the products had dropped in price by $2.82 so I requested a refund on the difference and it has already been processed by Amazon!

It's a quick way to save a little money this Christmas!

(And if you purchase plane tickets, you might want to check out Yapta. It's the same basic concept except they check for price drops on your plane ticket and tell you how to request your refund. My sister used this for her Thanksgiving flight and was able to get an almost $200 travel refund which she can use next year when she heads off to wherever she's going (she's a travelin' fool, you know!).

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