Friday, December 21, 2007

Birdhouse in your soul

Yep...I'm listening to They Might Be Giants and crafting at the same time. (We watched a recorded "Pushing Daisies" last night and Kristen Chenoweth sang "Birdhouse" and I had to giggle...then I had to get my FLOOD CD and put it on my iPod...and while I was looking for FLOOD, I came across a Joe Cocker CD. That's now on my iPod. Yes, I have a quite eclectic taste in music.)

I've finally finished X-man's Christmas stocking:

I'm pretty happy with it. And I'm very thankful to my friends SarahB and ^starshine (I always have trouble finding that crazy housetop!) who suggested other methods that would still let me use X-man's handprint for the tree. It still needs a star on top, but I think I might go after Christmas and try to find a nice, flatish ornament that will work.

And here are the other two I made a few years ago. The one on the left is mine and the one on the right is TC's (only because I like that one the's supposed to look like a Christmas tree with lots of packages underneath).

So, what else is going on? I'm one day shy of 33 weeks and I've had my first real sciatic pain. I've had a few ouches here and there, but today it has really made it difficult to walk...and sit. My poor sister had to listen to me put up all the groceries while I grunted around.

Speaking of groceries, I bought alot at the store today! I think I had 10 sacks! It's not all for the three of us. TC's sister and niece are coming in tonight and his parents will be here on Sunday. So, I've got 4 more mouths to feed. We're going to have pretty easy meals...Chicken Pot Pie, Pot Roast (in the crockpot) and sides and Beans & Cornbread. For our big Christmas meal, I've ordered the biggest part of it from Honey Baked Ham. TC's sister is going to make some dressing, because I love it! And would you believe that my grocery store didn't have any cranberry sauce? I love gellied cranberry sauce. If it's not in a can-shape, I don't want it!!

X-man has finally come back to being a nice boy. Oh, he's usually good, but we had two weeks where he was just a pill. We've decided that it was due to teeth coming in. He even started having some separation anxiety issues but the last few times we've left him he's been fine! He sure is going to love all the attention this weekend!

I think I'm going to go relax with my friends Ben & Jerry and watch some Martha Stewart (gotta love a DVR!).

If I don't get back on the 'puter before Tuesday,

Merry Christmas!!


One Cold 'Sista said...

Any way to get your Frozen-Tundra-Sis the They Might be Giants and Joe Cocker? Any at all? Just 'wonderin. Use a heating pad on your ouch - maybe that will help?

SarahB said...

X's stocking came out great! I still need to make Maddie's stocking.

Sorry to hear about the sciatic pain! My back has been aching but so far I've managed to escape that pain every time.

Anonymous said...

ASH's mom said that y'all were going to be at your parents for Christmas...confusion. Unfortunately, I'm back in Dallas but your Xmas gifts are with my mom & dad. Give the b'day boy a hug from me. Bye!

^starshine said...

Make sure to tell TC happy birthday for us!!