Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Doesn't Hurt to Ask!

I found an Ulta gift card in my wallet and since I got it two years ago (and I noticed the card said there was a $2 non-use fee per month after 12 months of non-use).

I used the card shortly after I got it and remembered that I had left a little bit on the card...just never went back to use it.

So, I called to check the balance and it was (as expected) $0.

There was an option to find out the history of card usage, so I thought I find out exactly what was left before the fees. And I thought I'd try asking to have that amount reapplied to the card. The worst they can say would be "no," right?

Turns out, there was three dollars and change before the non-use fees. I asked if they had changed their policy since I got the card and after being on hold for a few seconds, the CS rep came back and said, "The policy has changed slightly, and my manager has allowed me to reissue your remaining balance to you."

Yea! Three dollars back that I will totally use this week!

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