Sunday, March 16, 2008

Kids Say...

X-man is getting really good with two-word phrases to tell us what he wants. Oh, we still have "conversation frustration" but he's so talkative and is picking up so many words (our little tape recorder...). On Friday, he was saying "peh-beh pee" which, translated, is Pretzels Please. I told him he'd need to wait until Buttercup was through eating. I can do several things at once and sometimes walk around with Buttercup while she's nursing, but I couldn't do that and pour pretzels into a bowl.

So, Buttercup got through eating and I said, "X-man, would you like some pretzels for your tummy?"

He looked at me a little puzzled and said, "No. Peh-beh bowh." Like, duh mommy, pretzels for my bowl not my tummy!!

Oh, and Buttercup has started to vocalize. I don't really remember noticing that X-man did that, but she'll be lying on the floor and just make cute little noises.

And X-man loves to point out the fact that she's talking. His newest thing is to get in her face (that part's not new...she's going to figure out how to work those fists of hers and punch his lights out one of these days for getting so close!) and say, "yeh-ma'am." He knows that you say "yes, ma'am" to mommy and to Buttercup!

Too cute!

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