Sunday, March 23, 2008

More Funny...

(at least to me)

X-man says the funniest things and I love the way he puts his phrases together. TC calls him Yoda sometimes!

At church, one of the ladies in the nursery told us that there's a little girl in the same room as X-man whose name is Ella. For some reason, she decided that her name was going to be Ki-Ki for the day. She went around telling everyone her name was Ki-Ki and finally X-man went up to her and very emphatically said, "Ella!" Like, you crazy girl, your name is Ella!

When I burp Buttercup, I tell X-man that we have to get the bubbles out. And he likes to pat her on the back after she's through eating to help get the bubbles out. The other day, Buttercup was nursing and, as usual, X-man wanted to kiss every little part of her. He was kissing her "tidy toes" (those are tiny toes for those that don't speak X-man-ese) and she let out a really nice toot. He looked up in awe and said, "Bubbles!"

One time while I was nursing Buttercup, X-man wanted me to read him a book. For some reason, I asked him to count to ten before I'd read it. I was probably having let-down and wanted to make sure Buttercup stayed latched on so I didn't spray her! Well, now every time I'm nursing Buttercup and X-man wants to read, he'll bring me a book and say, "Woh, two, pee, por, pie, sis, seben, eigh, nie, ten-d!"

We were watching TV after X-man's nap and Jeopardy came on. He grinned, pointed at the TV and said, "Yeh duh dee!" Oh, and he knows the Price is Right, too. I'm such a great mom..,


Jessica said...

How adorable!! I love all these phrases from X-man!! I can't wait until Eli starts to talk more.

Oh and Eli LOVES the Price is Right and Wheel of Fortune...ha ha!

MommyLuv said...

X-Man is a really funny guy! He is growing so fast. I can't believe he is TWO! Avery is so adorable - we can't wait to meet her. Is everything going okay with you?