Friday, March 28, 2008

And so it begins again...

Buttercup had been exhibiting signs of an ear infection for the last two days (more fussy than usual and arching her back and fussing quite a bit when she was nursing) so we went to the pediatrician this morning.

She weighs 9 lbs 7 oz (at which the doc said, "She's not a big eater, is she?") and the doc asked me what was going on.

I explained all the symptoms and said that I was ok if she was just being baby-fussy, but I wanted to rule out ear infections.

He checked her ears and said, "I was fully prepared to tell you about colic and fussy babies and G.I. issues and then I saw the pus behind her ear drums." (And I don't think he was trying to be condescending with this comment, I really think it was his odd sense of humor trying to be funny!)

Yep, at about the same time her big brother got his first ear infection, Buttercup gets hers! Joy!

So we've got the antibiotic and the ear drops for pain and here we go again...


X-man went to the appointment, too, and he kept saying that sister was there for the doctor, not him. It was really funny!

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