Monday, March 10, 2008

X-man says...

TC and I have traded cars. He has a 30 minute drive to and from work everyday. He was driving a Trailblazer which I'm driving now. And he's got my more fuel-efficient Altima (this is D'Niss II if you want to know her name). I love my little Nissan's the first car I actually paid for myself! The other cars I had before were given to me by my mom when she was ready for a new one.

Anyway, X-man knows that the Altima is my car and the Trailblazer is daddy's. And now we've confused him by switching.

Today we went to the grocery store and X-man said, "In mommy car?" I told him we were going in daddy's big truck. So he says "cuck" for truck. And then he says "biiiiiig cuck" all the way to the grocery store. And he's very expressive when he says "biiiig." It's almost growly when he says it. I was laughing so hard listening to him say "biiiiig cuck." Go ahead...say it outloud and you'll see what I mean.

My sis says this means he's either going to play the trumpet or the drums.

Oh, and on the grocery store outing, I carried Buttercup in the sling (thanks for the tips, ^starshine!) and X-man rode in the basket. I even had a few people walk by me and say, "Oh! There's a baby in there!" I wonder what they thought I was wearing if they didn't realize it was a baby sling. Maybe I just like wearing sashes?


^starshine said...

So glad to hear that the sling is working for you guys.

I always got some sort of comment about my sling anytime I wore it out. People were so surprised by it and honestly shocked that I had a little baby inside.

The funnest part of using the sling is when you are out and about and see another slingin' Mama and you both check each other's sling out.

I really hope Buttercup enjoys the sling. My sling was such a life saver, over and over again that it was the best piece of baby equipment I had for the Goober Baby.

Jessica said...

Which sling to you get? I need to get one before Chase arrives! mean I can go grocery shopping with Chase in the sling & Eli in the cart?! Cool!! :)

Amanda said...

Ok, that's really weird. I always inherited my mom's old car when she got a new one, and then the first car we bought for me was my Altima I'm driving now, which I love! I would definitely be missing my car if I had to trade with Justin!

That's funny about the slings. Have people never seen slings before?!!!