Tuesday, April 01, 2008

What she's doin' now

I realized that I didn't do a One-Month update for Buttercup! And no, sis, it's not because the second child is "loved less," it's because the first child requires so much more attention in addition to the second child's needs!! Eventually, I'll let y'all know about the group my sis is the self-proclaimed president of: Advocacy for Second Siblings (I'll let y'all come up with the acronym yourself...*evil grin*)

Buttercup is getting really good at holding her head up and right now, she prefers to be held upright instead of cradled in your arms. Part of that could have to do with the fact that it feels better on her ears to be up. I remember just being in awe of how tiny X-man's neck was and how impressive it was that that tiny neck could hold up a head. I'm still in awe and Buttercup's neck is just beautiful!

She is really a grinner! We get grins and sometimes, little coos that sound like giggles at times. When she smiles, X-man says, "smy-men ah you" which means "smiling at you." He actually picked that up from me from when I tell him that his sister is "smiling at you." Those durn pronouns are difficult to understand!

Her schedule is fabulous. For the last week, her first nursing of the day is at 5 am. She eats again at 8, then I feed her at 10 and we're on an every-three-hours schedule after that until night time. She eats at 10 pm and we put her to bed and she generally sleeps all the way through to 5. That's really nice now! I looked back at X-man's schedule and he got to this point around 3 months but I remember still feeling really sleepy at 5 am. But at that point, TC and I were used to waking up at 6:30 in the morning (the alarm is set for 5:30 now) and on weekends we'd sleep until 10 and get up and ready and head to lunch! So, I guess after having one kid and going through that sleeplessness, waking up at 5 is really not a biggie! If this night-time schedule continues this way, we'll be moving Buttercup to her own crib before May. It will be nice to have our room back.

X-man still loves Buttercup, but lately I have to shield her from the "push head?" and "poke eye?" attempts! She really is going to clock him one of these days!

We are so happy to have our new family member around. She's lots of fun and she's the perfect way to round out our family.

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