Tuesday, April 01, 2008

I'm reading a book!

I know, it sounds crazy that I would announce that I'm reading a book. I generally love to read and I currently have about 6 magazines stacked up in the bathroom (usually the only place I can get enough quiet time to read...except X-man likes to sit on the counter in the bathroom while I'm in there). I haven't read a whole book in a long time. I've got three started (the latest Harry Potter book, one of the books toward the end of the Sword of Truth series and the last book in the Mitford Series) and it's been so long ago that I started them, I almost need to start over.

And I went and started another book...Bringing Down the House about the MIT students that did the card-counting-blackjack thing. The movie "21" is about this book/these students.

I started it yesterday while I put X-man down for his nap. We are trying to get him to fall asleep on his own and we have him able to fall asleep while we are in his room...we've quit patting his back to put him to sleep. So, TC and I (during our shifts) have been sitting by the door until he goes to sleep. Well, I might as well use that time that I'm just sitting to read a book.

And I'm loving this one!!

Yes, it's about math. Yes, I have a no-likey relationship with math. But, I love music (which is math) and I love puzzles and riddles. And if I can trick my mind into thinking that a math situation is actually a puzzle, I enjoy it much more. So reading about how these students are going to count cards, determine the probability of where cards are in a deck based on a shuffle, etc., I'm loving this little puzzle! TC thinks I'm crazy (he's a math nerd, for those of you that don't know). He said, "You know that they're using math to figure all of this out, right? What in the world has you so intrigued?" I don't really know the answer except there's some air of superiority to the whole idea of this book. They are super smart kids using their brains to beat the blackjack system. They're not doing anything that's illegal (that I know of at this point...counting cards is not illegal).

Anyway, I'm really enjoying this book and I'm anxiously awaiting the next time I'll get to read a bit (which is right now...while X-man's asleep and I'm nursing Buttercup)

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