Friday, April 11, 2008

Would you like a shmear with that diaper?

So, the day we came home from the hospital with Buttercup, I noticed that X-man had a pretty raging case of diaper rash. But so did his sister (which I quickly figured out was from the Pampers). It was just one quarter-sized spot and it would not take the diaper cream. I just assumed it was moist from the wipes I used and that was the reason.

Four weeks later, when his teacher at CDO mentioned that he still had a really bad diaper rash, I realized that it had been FOUR WEEKS that it had been going on. She actually mentioned that it was oozy. Nice. I hadn't noticed that at all. Probably why the cream wasn't sticking. We went straight to the pediatrician's office (it's practically across the tollroad from the church) and the doctor (not our regular one) prescribed us some Bactroban. It's an antibiotic cream. She said to use it for a week. Well, I used it until the rash was completely gone. That took about two weeks.

It's back...

So, both kiddos will be seeing the pediatrician on Monday: Buttercup for her two month check up and X-man for his heiny.

And I'm just sure that the news will come out with a story one of these days that diaper cream (and that A&D ointment that's stink-ola!) will cause you to grow an eleventh finger or something. I'll tell you what, I'm forever wiping diaper cream on someone's bottom. Each change they get a shmear. I definitely wanted to keep X-man's angry rash at bay and poor Buttercup just gets so unhappy when she's got a rash.

I know...potty train the boy and I will only have one heiny to shmear...

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Sagga02 said...

Have you tried making your own cream with Vaseline and corn starch, it will help kill off any nasty amounts of diaper rash.

Sagga02 from SCS :)