Sunday, May 11, 2008

27 Months


You are 27 months old today. And I want to just record (almost) everything you do so I can always remember it!

You are quite the little tape recorder. You'll repeat anything (which is why I've got to stop saying "crap" and "shoot" because they just don't sound like nice words coming out of your mouth!). And when you repeat conversations, they're always in the same order.

For example:

X-man: Dr. Caf wook ear?
Me: Yes, Dr. Metcaf is going to look in your ears.
X: (shaking your head) no hurt?
Me: No, it's not going to hurt.

And after your ear appointment:

X: Dr. Caf wook ear?
Me: Yes, Dr. Metcaf looked in your ears.
X: Toud oo not hurt
Me: Yes, I told you it wouldn't hurt.
X: widdle scawed?
Me: Were you a little scared?

It is so cute! We have the same conversation about the car cart at the grocery store every time we drive by the grocery store. Yes, you like to ride in the yellow car. Yes, they had to take it back when we were done shopping. Yes, so it will still be there next time.

I love your little language and while I don't want you to talk like that forever, I love listening to it develop right now. You've recently started saying I Love You...but it comes out "yuv yoo" and it is adorable.

You sing all the time and while other people have their favorites (Aunt Chickie loves it when you sing the X-man song to the tune of Shortnin' Bread) but my favorite is when you sing "You are my Sunshine." And you're usually singing it to Buttercup. One day I put the boppy (I'm loving it now; much better at using it this time for some reason) on my bed and then put Buttercup on the boppy with it under her chest. She lifted up her little head and you came to the edge of the bed, looked up at her and sang "You are my Sunshine" to her. It was the sweetest thing ever! As with most songs you sing, you don't get all the words but you usually get the ends of phrases. So the song goes something like: "Suh-shine, ah ah ah suh-shine. Ooo a a happyyyy a a a gway. Oo oo no dear a a yuv yoo. Take suh-shine awayyyy."

You're still sleeping on the floor in your room instead of in your bed. We're pretty sure it's because you've fallen out of your bed. I can understand not wanting to do that again! I'll get you a little railing this week and we'll see if that will help you want to sleep in your bed.

You have figured out how to get daddy or me to pick you up pretty quickly. You just look up at us and say, "Hug!" and there we are...suckers for a pretty face! If you don't want to pull out the big guns, you'll just come and grab us around the legs and say, "Pick oo up!" Those darn pronouns are so confusing.

I hope you don't grow up too fast...but it looks like you might.

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