Monday, May 12, 2008

Bye Bye Mole


My name is Snarflemarfle and I have mole.

Well, more than one, actually.

It's on my neck.

It's raised and X-man likes to pull on it.

And say night-night to it.

And I'm getting it removed today.

I hope X-man still recognizes me!

The mole was something that X-man latched onto pretty quickly when he started to reach for things. And that's not a pleasant feeling. Anyway, back in January (while I was still pregnant) I noticed that it was getting a little cauliflowery-looking. This is usually not a good sign for moles. But, while I was pregnant (both times) I got crazy tag moles all over my neck, so that was probably part of the whole's probably nothing to worry about. Regardless, I don't wanna mess with skin cancer so I made an appointment to have it removed. I'm going in today and we'll get it taken care of.


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