Friday, May 30, 2008

Egg Pie

I've started making something for lunch that X-man really enjoys...

Egg Pie

Or to those more in the know, Quiche. But I figured that for a two year old, egg pie was a much more descriptive word (and would remind him of the pies that Pig makes in his favorite cartoon, Word World.)

It's essentially eggs, some cream, cheese, salt, pepper and whatever protein and veggies you have handy in a blam crescent roll crust.

So, the first time I made them, I had X-man stir the eggs (I used 4 eggs since I was making 4 egg pies), cream and cheese. He loves to stir, so this was great!

And I put the crescent roll triangles into a muffin pan along with some steamed "trees" that we had for dinner the night before.

I cut up some precooked bacon and put that in the little pies and then poured the egg/cheese mix over everything. So, of course, I found out that 4 eggs were way too many. I cooked them about 30 minutes and boy, were they tasty!

And they reheat really well, too. Today I made egg pies for lunch and instead of using one crescent triangle per muffin cup, I used some mini springform pans and put two triangles into each pan and just made two egg pies. And instead of cracking some eggs and probably having too much egg for the pies, I used egg beaters and just poured that straight into the pies. No waste! I used some precooked diced chicken and some frozen broccoli in there, too. I was going to use some precooked sausage, but X-man said that he didn't want sausage. X-man ate just over half of his I know he did get some veggies in him.

What is with this kid and veggies? He'll eat just about anything I give him if it's a taste while I'm preparing for dinner (so, if I'm cutting zucchini, he'll eat a little piece or two and he's even been known to eat frozen broccoli pieces). But when it's cooked an on the table, he doesn't want to touch it! I really don't want to give him a crudité plate at the kitchen island just to get him to eat his veggies!


Lisa said...

YUMMO! Your sous-chef is adorable!

Amanda said...

those look yummy! i love the picture of x-man. you need to post pics of those cute kiddos more often! :)