Wednesday, May 28, 2008

At the Table

TC left for Seattle on Tuesday morning and won't be home until tomorrow afternoon. The kids haven't seen him since Monday night and I know they realize he's gone.

Me: X-man, do you know what tomorrow is?
X-man: Sunday!
Me: No, it's not Sunday. It's Thursday. Do you know what that means? I'd been telling him that daddy would come home from his meeting on Thursday.
X-man: Daddy stay home! Which is the appropriate answer to what Saturday means.
Me: No, but Daddy will be home tomorrow! Do you miss Daddy?
X-man: No
Me: You don't miss Daddy?
X-man: Not Miss Daddy. Mr. Daddy!

He does have a point...


Lisa said...

No, not Mr Daddy...Mr Martha...FUNNY!

DBN said...


Amanda said...

that's hilarious. i love the things kids come up with!