Thursday, July 31, 2008

Anything and Everything

Buttercup had a long few nights without being swaddled (read that: mamma had a long few nights). She's sleeping much better, but not as good as she was during the swaddling days. She's not waking up every thirty minutes or every hour all night, but there are stretches where for one hour, she's crying every 15 minutes. We've actually had company a majority of the days that we've been unswaddling her so I didn't really want to try to let her cry it out. She's just a few days away from being 6 months old and I think she can probably handle it. I might see how it goes tonight with letting her cry for several minutes before going in to give her a pacifier (and you mammas know how hard it is to just listen to your baby cry!).

X-man is just a hoot! He says the funniest things and he's not really trying to be funny. Today at lunch I had a diet caffeine-free coke (I know, it doesn't taste anywhere as good as a real coke, but I don't want the calories or caffeine. I like the bubbles). X-man asked for a drink (and he says, "Have one please, mommy"). He took a little drink, made a painful little face (you know, that one where you swallowed your carbonated drink too fast?) and said, "That's enough for now." Ha!

While my parents and sister were here, we had to go to the grocery store to get some ice cream-makin' ingredients. TC wanted me to make ice cream for his office's monthly birthday meeting today. Anyway, it turned out delicious (yes, I had a little taste from both batches). Want the recipe? It's super easy. And there's no cooking. And it's NOT fat-free...

(I have a 4 quart ice cream freezer)

1/4 teaspoon salt
2 1/2 cups sugar
2 tablespoons vanilla (the recipe called for 1 1/2 T, but I love vanilla)
2 quarts heavy whipping cream
2 large cans evaporated milk
2 quarts half-and-half (or enough to fill it up to the fill line)

I poured the first three ingredients and then poured in all the milks. It turned into a very rich ice cream. The first batch based on this recipe had some chopped, frozen cherries (and a smidge of almond flavoring) in it and it was just fabulous! So, the amount of milks will adjust depending on what else you put in it. I can't wait to hear how TC's office liked it!

Buttercup has a new trick: tripod sitting. I've been trying every few days to see if she'll sit up and everytime, she just folds over in half. Pretty cute, but not too comfortable looking. This morning I put her on the floor right in front of me and she leaned over and proped her cute little self up on her hands! And she stayed that way for several seconds! Yea Buttercup!!

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Lisa said...

I hope that she gets into a good nap routine soon! LOL at X!