Wednesday, August 06, 2008

6 months

Buttercup -

I can't believe you are 6 months old already! Where has the time gone and can it please go a little slower?

You looks so big stretched out on your tummy in your crib. You've been sleeping that way for two and a half weeks now (since we unswaddled you). You still have trouble getting back to sleep when you wake up at night but thankfully, it just takes a reapplication of the pacifier and you're ok. Last night, I only got up three times (and that includes your 5am snack!).

You are Miss Grabby Hands lately. You want to hold onto anything and everything. And you get really mad when I don't let you have it. I'm sorry, kid, but I just don't think you'll be able to fully enjoy my delicious, cream top, not-low-fat yogurt (yes, it is quite the indulgence) with granola on top. Especially with no teeth (and the big question is: Are you going to take as long as your brother did to get your teeth?)

And speaking of your brother, you just love X-man. He loves you, too. He likes to kiss you all over and he likes it when you touch his face and his hair. In fact, sometimes he'll come over to you and nuzzle you so that you'll touch his cheek or even pull his hair. While I don't want to encourage hair-pulling, I do think it's cute that he just giggles when you pull his hair.

And you giggle at him, too. When he comes over to play with you, you will just screech with delight. Your screeching is quite funny...and it's even funnier when X-man tries to imitate you and he screeches, too. Some days, it's really noisy at our house!!

You seem to be gaining weight pretty well. We've only purchased 3 packages of the size 2 diapers (of course, this third box had 130 diapers or some huge number like that) and it seems like you are quickly growing out of them! The next box of diapers I buy you will definitely be size 3's.

You are my little chunky monkey. You have a cute, slender top, but from the waist down, you have the cutest little chunks of legs. I think I remember that X-man had some chunky, but I don't think it was as much as you have!

You are eating pretty well. I nurse you 5 times a day starting at 5am and you eat right before bed at 8pm. For the last two weeks, though, you've been doing something crazy while you're nursing and it caused me to be on the bring of tears (of pain) at each nursing session. You did this same thing around the end of May and after about two weeks, you stopped doing it and all was good. Well, this time around, it seems like it hurts even more and I've considered several times just weaning you straight to a bottle...but I can't bring myself to actually decide to do it. It's really laziness on my part. If I can feed you by just sitting down and lifting up my shirt, that's so much easier than going to the kitchen, thawing out a bag of expressed milk...yada, yada, yada. And when you nursed right before your nap this afternoon, it still was a little sore, but nothing near the pain of the last few days. Maybe you're headed back to normal and we can do this without either one of us crying!

I love everything about you...even your gassiness! It's obvious that you love your mamma, your daddy and your brother. I laugh every time someone says that you look just like me. I don't see it. Of course, I still don't see how X-man looks like daddy and everyone still says it. I think you look just like you and you are beautiful!

Happy half birthday!!


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