Thursday, July 03, 2008

Missing an Arm

He's only been gone 2.5 hours, but I can already tell I'm going to really miss X-man. He went to spend a week+ with TC's family in Texas. We'll go pick him up on Saturday a week from now. The last time he was gone was last May when we went on our Alaskan Cruise and he had a great time with them then!

We've been hyping up going to Gramma's and last night, daddy was telling him all the people he'd get to play with. When he got through the list (grandaddy, gramma, aunts, a niece, etc) X-man said, "Play with daddy?" Daddy conveniently ignored the question.

This morning, X-man helped us pack up his stuff and he hopped in his car seat (which I'm sure he thought was fun since it was in a different car) and proceeded to wave bye-bye. I think I saw his little lips say, "Love you mommy!"

I'm going to miss having him around the house, but taking care of just one little one (that still naps alot) is going to seem like a breeze now!


Lisa said...

Awww...I hope his visit goes well!

Amanda said...

it's always bittersweet being away from your little ones. on one hand, it's nice to get a break, but you always miss them at the same time!