Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Oh no!

I just loaded a new app to my itouch, Trism, and it is way addicting! I was going to get Tetris (for $10!!! Yikes!!) and read in the reviews that many people thought Trism (for only $4) was a better game. So, now I'm torn between doing anything else and playing this crazy game.

But I'll have to stop soon and have lunch.

Before I go to the glass repair place and fix the newly minted chip in my windshield.

That I got while taking X-man to mother's day out this morning!

X-man's been sleeping really well in his big boy bed and WITHOUT the gate on his door! We picked him up on Saturday from his grandparents and he has slept every night since then in his bed and hasn't really made use of the fact that there's not a gate. We put him to bed for a nap or for night time and he just sings himself to sleep. Now, he sleeps on every single part of the bed and most nights when I've checked on him he's sleeping either right up against the wall or right up against the mesh railing we put up on the open side of the bed. I think he must either really like the idea of being "enclosed" like in a crib, or he really likes knowing where the edge of the bed is.

He also picked up something while he was gone that I'm not sure I like. He asks for things by saying, "Read book right now" instead of "read book please." I think that these last few days I've gotten him out of that habit. And I don't think he's trying to be rude, he's just figuring out how all these crazy words we have work together!

One more night before daddy comes home. He's been in Seattle since Monday and we are all ready for him to be back. Thankfully, both kids have been absolute angels (with a few not-so-angel moments from X-man that were quickly cleared up).

Ok, Buttercup is awake so I must tear myself from the 'puter and my itouch and take care of her.

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Lisa said...

Yeah X Man!!

Too funny about the addicting game.