Monday, July 07, 2008

5 Months


You are five months old today and you are so cute!! Yesterday you showed off your rolling over skills and you didn't even mind being on your tummy after you got there. You're pretty good at back-to-tummy and you have had some success with tummy-to-back but not as much.

You are Miss Grabby Hands these days. You reach out for everything...including my ice cream (and why wouldn't you be grabby for some ice cream?!? Smart girl!).

Since X-man has been gone since last Thursday you are really trying out your loud voice. You've always been pretty vocal, but it seems like you're even more vocal now. Could be that I notice it more since there's not a little boy noising around the house.

You're wearing 6/9 month clothes these days. And a friend of ours from church brought over a whole summer's worth of clothes (from her daughter's stash) so you're outfitted for a good long while (at least until the fall).

I'm about ready to put you to sleep without using the Miracle Blanket. For the last week or so, you've woken up with one or both arms out of the blanket. New challenges...

You're eating habits are a bit annoying at times. There are days when you'd rather look all around you instead of nurse. I just try to stay relaxed and sometimes it takes an hour for you to eat. I thought that you'd do better eating without someone always poking at your face or using your hand to hit himself in the face (kooky boy!) but you're still distracto sometimes. I'm sure you're getting plenty of food so I try not to overstress about all of it.

Buttercup, you are the prettiest baby girl I know! And yes, I realize I'm biased. Your eyes are still blue (like your daddy and brother) and you're losing your dark hair and lighter hair (that sometimes looks red) is coming in its place. You are mostly happy (except when the nursery workers at church try to give you a fight that for a bit before you finally give in) and we love listening to you giggle.

Too soon, you'll be chasing your brother around the house and talking non-stop. You're still my baby girl and I love you bunches!

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