Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Sweet Stuff

I just spent the last hour looking through old posts about X-man trying to find out what kind of sleeping schedule he was on when he was the same age Buttercup is now.

I didn't really find what I was looking for, but this is what I found:

-At 6 months, I was still nursing X-man at 3am. I am so glad that Buttercup sleeps until 5am!

-X-man took really short naps just like Buttercup is taking short naps now. Only difference in the two kiddos is that I couldn't get X-man to sleep in his crib. Buttercup does much better with that.

-X-man's baby pictures look so much like Buttercup! What sweet little kids I have!

I did find out that we would bathe X-man at 7 and feed him after that. Buttercup seems to like her evening nap around 7 so we might start with that same schedule for her.

And for about two weeks now, she's been taking a bottle all day with the exception of 5am. I was having some pain and cracking issues during nursing (silly girl with the lazy latch) so I decided to give her a bottle and just pump afterwards. I'm pumping massive amounts of milk (for me at my blog reminiscing I found that I was doing good to pump a half-ounce with X-man and I can pump 7 or 8 ounces at one sitting!). She's been taking a 7 ounce bottle 4 times a day plus her baby food at breakfast, lunch and dinner. I'm not quite ready to wean her totally. I am just too lazy to fix a bottle (even just to pull it out of the fridge...she drink it ice cold!) at 5am.

When she gives up the 5am snack we'll reevaluate the situation...


Lisa said...

Yeah A!!

Love the new look up top M!

MommyLuv said...

5 a.m.?! What time does she go to sleep at night?