Wednesday, September 03, 2008

Big Day!

Today, BOTH of my kiddos will go to children's day out. Whew! Of course, since it's the first Wednesday of the month I have a luncheon for work. So I'll be spending my "me" time working the registration table. I'm just hopeful that Buttercup does ok with being there all day. X-man's first day wasn't good (but he was a year old and Buttercup's only 7 months...maybe that will make a difference).

In other news, I got a great deal on some clothes at Gymboree this past weekend. I don't shop there because it's just too expensive. But they were having a sale and I got a coupon in the mail, so off we went. I ended up with $160 worth of clothes for $40. It's stuff that Buttercup won't be able to wear until next spring, but that's ok! She could probably even wear some of it in late winter with a long sleeved onesie and some tights on underneath. Fun stuff!

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