Saturday, September 20, 2008

Alike, but different

In the tent that I made for X-man. TC is just off camera in front of case she decides to make any snap decisions! Those chairs are from a set that my sis and I played on and my mom and her brother played on.

I'm always amazed at the number of people that say how much Buttercup looks just like X-man did at that age...and then tell me that Buttercup looks just like me.

When she was born, I did think she looked exactly like X-man but now she's gained her own little personality and while I think they do look like siblings, I don't think she looks like X-man anymore.

And the two kids are so different!

When X-man was nursing, he'd lie back and cross his little feet at the ankles. I thought that was just adorable. And sometimes when he's just sitting in my lap or asleep in his bed and I see his little ankles crossed, I think back to his baby days. When Buttercup nurses, she likes to take her outside leg and hike it up so that her foot is flat on my chest. Just call her Miss Flex-o!

Speaking of Miss Flex-o's legs, she has some chunk down there. And she's built like her mamma. Chunk thighs and all. X-man was always pretty slender and was in the 25% for a while if I remember correctly. With the exception of the strange 2 week appointment for Buttercup, she's been in the 50%. I do have to laugh about the difference in their bottoms. X-man's is shaped like a C. Just a round, little boy bottom. Buttercup's is shaped like a J. Just like a little girl bottom! I just can't believe how much of Buttercup goes into that diaper of hers. As soon as I run out of these size 3 diapers, I'm going to size 4 for her. They start at something like 23 pounds! But I just have a hard time getting whole self into the diaper. I felt like we were in one size forever with X-man.

At 7 months old, X-man was babbling with mostly "mmmmmmaaaaaa mmmmmmmmaaaaa." Buttercup? Well she prefers screeching! And let me tell you, when Buttercup squeals, X-man will go up to her and he'll squeal. Then Buttercup laughs so X-man squeals some more. Buttercup squeals and X-man laughs. Then they're both laughing and squealing. It is NOT for faint of heart...or for one with a headache. I love it, though!!

Now Buttercup doesn't always screech. She has recently started something that's almost like humming. She just makes the "mmmmmmmmmmmm" sound and sorta chews while her mouth is shut. TC is just sure that she's trying to say, "mmmmmmmmmmmmmm-da da!" He cracks me up.

On to diapers. They both are so different in their diaper habits. X-man never had a problem with making dirty ones. Buttercup has had about 4 suppositories in her little lifetime. She just gets so uncomfortable and those seem to help. However, the prunes seem to be doing the trick and I think she likes those better than the other!

Sleep. Oh, Buttercup is a much better sleeper than X-man was. Could very well also be due to the fact that I know what's going on now. Buttercup sleeps in her bed for her naps and at night (I had a hard time getting X-man to sleep in his bed and for about a month or so, I put him to sleep on the floor and then took him to his room). And I can even put her down drowsy and she'll go right to sleep. X-man didn't do that until he was much older. When I would put X-man to sleep, we'd roll him on his side. That was how he liked to sleep. Buttercup wants to be fully on her tummy. If I put her on her side she'll just roll to her back and that means she wants to get up!

When I would carry X-man around, he'd curl his arm that was closest to me around my neck and hold onto the short hairs on my neck. Buttercup smacks that arm down on my chest so she can push herself to face forward as much as possible. Cracks me up...and sometimes makes it a little difficult to hold her!

I know there are going to be many more "He did but She does" moments and I can't wait!

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