Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Did he just say that?

Last week, X-man, Buttercup and I ran some errands. One of them took us by this big field that had some rolled hay bales scattered around. When we were driving by, X-man said, "Wha's dat mommie?" It's his new favorite question. I asked him if he was talking about those big brown things that looked like they might roll.


I told him it was hay. Horses ate hay.

And I thought we were done with it. I really should know better.

Last night, we were playing and he kept saying, "Hey!" I told him that hay was for horses and we laughed some more. So, before bathtime last night, I was tickling X-man and he said, "Hey! Hey! Hay is for horses!" I laughed and then he said, "And hay is good for rolling."

TC looked at me and said, "Did he just say something about rolling in the hay?"

Men...their minds are always in the gutter.

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