Thursday, September 04, 2008

All Four Ears are Great!

Both of the kids had an ear check today. With the tubes in, they're supposed to get checked every three months just to make sure all is ok up there.

First we went to get a hearing test done on Buttercup. She actually sat really still and right before the test finished, she got fussy. So it didn't finish, but she was passing (in her left ear) up to that point. It's safe to guess that she's hearing just fine.

Then we went into the exam room. I'd been prepping X-man on what would happen: the doctor would come in the room, X-man would get in my lap and I'd give him a great big bear hug (effectively...usually...holding his arms down and keeping him still). The doctor would gently turn his head sideways and use the ear-looker-thingy (sometimes we're all technical, sometimes we're not) in one ear and then the other.

It all happened as I said but just as the doctor started looking at X-man's right ear, X started crying just a bit. He was saying, "Give you kisses! Give you kisses!" So I kissed him and after that, he was a very brave boy while the doc looked in his ears.

Buttercup was pretty good, too. She only cried a little bit.

Buttercup's tubes are still in and working. X-man's tubes have both fallen out into the ear canal. The eardrums are healed and the tubes will eventually work their way out. Yea!

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