Friday, September 05, 2008

Always Learning

Yesterday we all learned a little something:

I learned that I can keep my lunch while X-man is losing his (even though I had a few close calls while washing out the soiled items). A good lesson to learn.

Poor X-man learned what it was like to have a tummy ache and then throw up. I hate that he didn't feel well! When daddy was giving him a bath after the incident, X-man looked up at daddy and said, "I made a mess on the carpet."

And he didn't have dinner (it was about 2 hours before dinner when this all happened). He watched Finding Nemo in the living room while the rest of us had a quick dinner. We asked him if he wanted a popsicle (I had some pedialyte freezer pops from a while ago when X was running a fever and not eating much), and since he didn't know what a popsicle was, he said no. Even after he saw one. So I let that one thaw for a bit and gave it to him as a slushie. As Nemo was finishing up, X-man asked for a bicycle. What? It took a few seconds to realize he meant a popsicle. They do sound the same! So he and daddy had a freezer pop (I also had some regular freezer pops) and neither one of them spilled!


Lisa said...

Awww...I hope he feels better!

MommyLuv said...

Yes, always fun...try cleaning it out of the carseat. KB has had two incidents in the car. Both hubby and I had to tag team the clean-up duty. To my surprise, I did not lose my lunch.