Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Drying Up

Well, the process of drying up (which is completely different from drying out!!) is going ok. On Friday afternoon, I read the comment from my friend ^starshine and she convinced me to pump. It had been about 30 hours since the last time I had pumped, so it was a nice relief. I pumped again that night and slept much better than the night before (and I took some ibuprofen which helped, too).

Saturday was a little better and by Sunday, though I still had some hard places, I wasn't is as much pain.

But I think I've taken a step back. My left side is fine, but my right side is still hard and it's sore again this morning. I think I'll pump at the kids' nap time. It's probably due to a change in bra yesterday night. I just couldn't stand to sleep in that sports bra again. It's one of those uniboob deals and since it's too small (thus being tight) it is just really uncomfortable. I've got on a different bra now...and while it is still too small, it at least separates.

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^starshine said...

Good to hear that the process is going well and more importantly...pain free (almost).

You bring up an interesting thought about the uniboob sports bras. They are quiet uniboobish aren't they??