Thursday, September 25, 2008

It's a Wrap

Unless I talk myself out of it, today Buttercup and I are moving on to a new stage in babydom. I'm going to quit making milk for her.

For the last several months, she's been mainly taking a bottle of expressed milk. And after each bottle, I'd pump. I'd nurse her every morning at 5am when she woke up, but other than that, the nursing times were very few. That was due in part to some great pain I was experiencing (due to a lazy latch, I'm sure) and due to the fact that Buttercup was just too distracted to nurse. And with that bottle, she can move her head around every which way and see and eat at the same time!

I've been telling TC that as soon as Buttercup dropped the 5am nursing, I'd move to dry up stage. And for the last 4 mornings, she hasn't woken up to eat. So, here we go.

I did nurse Buttercup yesterday at 8am before they both went to children's day out. And as expected, she didn't eat much. She was much more interested in watching X-man run around the living room. I had a feeling that it probably would be the last time I nursed her, so I managed to take a picture of her nursing. It's not a picture that I'd probably ever show anyone, but I can keep it next to the picture of X-man nursing.

I have lots of milk in the freezer so we're set for a few weeks. Then it'll be onto formula.

I will pump one more time this morning and then I'll get reacquainted with my ACE bandage and my too-small sports bra. It wasn't too bad when we got to this stage with X-man, but I wasn't making near as much milk.

I'm happy that I was able to provide for her for this long.

And I'll get a whole shelf of my freezer back.

And I can move on to trying to lose these 10 pounds of baby weight that didn't go away this time.


Lisa said...

WAY TO GO Momma! You should be VERY proud of yourself! Tucker is a squirmer at bottle time too!

SarahB said...

You've done a great job giving little Miss Buttercup breastmilk for 7+months! :)

Jessica said...

You have done a great job! I remember when Eli weaned himself (would NOT pay attention) at 8-9 months old... I was SO sad though...but it was nice to get my boobs back!

^starshine said...

Don't forget that antihistamines help dry up and pump just a little bit to help relieve the pressure. I did that after Goober Baby and I didn't have one lick of pain. I refused to have those "hard as rocks" boobs trying to get everything to dry up.

Is Buttercup really 7 months old?? Wow..time flies!!